Start thinking about data archiving early

Dealing with data growth is a big challenge for DBA’s and sysadmins. The main problems to deal with areĀ  storage capacity (server storage is not cheap!), backups / index maintenance windows and query performance. Implementing data retention helps dealing with these issues and I often make a checklist: What kind of data are we dealing […]

SSRS 2012 mails missing when using data driven subscriptions and bulk mail

Data driven subscriptions (DDS) are a powerful mechanism which can be used to generate mailings. When migrating from SSRS 2008 to 2012 I noticed mails were missing with a DDS containing about 2.000 mails. This problem occurred in SP1 and Microsoft’s advice was to download the hotfix pack. After some serious testing the issue […]

Troubleshoot login errors with SQL Server login failed states

Whenever you receive a Login failed error from a SQL instance your faced with the problemĀ  of context. In the SQL Server log you can find a more detailed description. You should see the client generating the error and the state. The table below helps to find the cause of the failed login attempt. Error […]

Checking the progress of a backup or restore

With SQL Server’s powerful DMV’s it’s easy to monitor the progress of a SQL Backup or restore operation, but you can also use it to see the current running queries on your SQL instance. In this case you should delete the last WHERE command in the query. Note that the percent_complete column is not updated […]

Welcome to my SQL Server blog

On this blog I am planning to write especially SQL Server articles . I started the blog to share my knowledge on several SQL Server subjects. I hope you will find the articles useful and will provide me with feedback. We have a big SQL Server community around the world and sharing the knowledge will […]